Forgiveness is a lifetime process.

What does it mean, when your so called soul mate does not see you when he is sitting in a car next to yours while waiting at a red light?

A strange and awkward feeling. Yes, he broke up with you. A long time ago. For some childish reason.

Now, you cannot stop thinking of him all day long. Yet you are well aware that he simply did not realize you at all.

What if this incident happens again several months later?

A different car, a different crossing  – yet the same soul, the very same situation. You can only spot fragments of his forehead reflecting in his rear mirror. No, you think it’s just a coincidence. Your mind, your memory playing a mean trick on you. Until you watch his left arm in the frame of the driver’s window, his fingers snipping a cigarette while he is waiting for the green light. Yes, it is him. For sure.

And again, you see him – but he keeps not seeing you. Why? Then you feel it; all of sudden you become aware. A severe pain in your stomach, a deep grief in your heart. He had betrayed you. Big time. Not now. Not in this life. But centuries ago. Ages ago when he was your true love. And then he betrayed you. It hit you so hard, it even took your life. You died. You had no chance to work it out then. You had no chance to talk to him about his reasons. Why did he let you down? For money? For morale reasons? For his religion?

Or just because he was afraid? Afraid to follow his heart?

Now, you are both here again in the same realm, at the same time. This is your opportunity to work it out, for both of you. Once and for all. But how? Now it is your turn to follow your heart. And you are safe to do so, because this time it’s not going to cost your life. This time, may-be it can even save your life. Simply by being honest to yourself. And by being forgiving.

Forgive him for all he did to you, on purpose or even unconsciously.

Forgive yourself, for all you did to him, consciously or unconsciously.

And finally, you are free, free, forever free.

Mission accomplished.



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