Just another Red light

What is it about those red lights? As an impatient person, I just hate to wait for a green light that keeps me going. Sitting in a car, right there on a busy crossing, and just stand still and wait, while everybody else seems to hurry somewhere. Hundreds of things running through my mind. All those projects that had to be taken care of during those endless working hours. And on top of that, the fuzz with the insurance company -again! Why can’t everybody just do their job? Do it right the first time and the world would be a better place. Instead of, I am feeling forced having phone calls with people I don’t want to talk to in the first place. Just to discuss things that should occur crystal clear – even to them. Is there a point in fighting over literally everything? I just don’t get it.

And then, right here at the red light, in the split of a second, it occurs to me: There is nothing to fight about! Because God and my Higher Self created my life plan already decades ago. And they had the best of all plans. A purposeful, meaningful path for me while I am here on earth. So, what am I worrying about? There is nothing to worry about, because the plan is already written. Written in hundreds of facets, millions of ways to do it, but the plan with the highest and best outcome for me and everybody envolved, already exists.

So, thank you Lord, for showing me crystal clear signs which I can easily follow with a loving heart and full of faith.


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