Make a Wish

It’s is this time of a year: December. The old comes to a close. Don’t look back. Look ahead. To a better and brighter tomorrow. What do you wish for? Well, I honestly don’t know. I want something new, I am longing for a fresh start, I am ready for new adventures… Yet, I have no idea how to handle it. What step to take? Not even in which direction. God has given me Free Will – I am lucky enough to take my chance, just any chance. But how? Where? What? And from one second to the next, excitement can turn into fear, fear is turning into desperation.

Stop. Breathe. Calm down. There is someone watching over you. Take a deep breath, and give your fear to God. „God, I have no idea how to proceed with my life. Please help me to move on, in my highest and best good“.

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