That afternoon, finally the time had come for a ride to the beach. We found a heavenly spot, scattered with cozy deck chairs under shady trees. This place felt ideal for swimming and snorkeling. There was a paddle boat rental place nearby that also rented boards, and I promised to myself that I wasn’t going back home until I had stood on one of those paddleboards!

First, we put on our snorkeling masks and slid into the wonderfully warm water. I was pleasantly surprised by the soft ocean floor, covered with lots of smooth, really fine sand. There were only very few rocks but reams of marine life to marvel at.

For Max it was the first time he had ever swum in the ocean, and he was clearly enjoying the new experience. Bianca snorkeled like a pro and never got tired of discovering new flora and fauna. Completely relaxed, she floated just under the surface of the water and gestured happily. Quite in contrast to me, though. My mask just didn’t seem to fit tight, and suddenly water instead of oxygen poured into the snorkel. In an amateurish attempt to avoid drowning, I had frightened and had driven away most of the colourful fish. Exhausted, I tried to find a safe place where I could manage to stand securely on a rock under water so I could take off the diving mask. But I slipped, tore the mask off and tore out one of my earrings, too. Huffing and puffing, I kept trying to breathe while Bianca floated calmly in the water beside me.

Excerpt from #https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/to-hawaii-and-back-karla-weller/1125130082?ean=9783958401709

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