When trees let go of their leaves in fall, it’s also a time for me to let go. And I ask myself: What am I afraid of? What’s still holding me back? Preventing me to live up to my highest potential? In prayer and meditation I have tried to forgive everyone and everything, and move on. But did I really forgive myself? Or am I still holding on to my very own fear?

The fear, not being the best I could be.

The fear, not doing the best I could do?

Am I holding on to my fear, holding on to my human imperfection, trying to control reality?

Well, if I know one thing for sure, it’s the fact that no one can control reality. It’s just beyond human capability.

Instead, I ask for help and pray:

“Dear God, I am willing and ready to release whatever is stopping me from moving forward. I am willing and ready to live up to my highest potential.

Please let me be the best I can be. Please let me do the best I can do.

In Jesus’ Holy Name. Amen“

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